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Consistent with Tennessee's reputation as the "Volunteer State," some Hollywood tombstones depict military service and patriotic themes. A "doughboy" statue in full uniform with gun and knapsack marks the grave of Jesse C. Lemmons (died 1927) [Section K 1, Lot 34]. The World War I veteran was wounded while serving in Company G, 4th Infantry, 3rd Division, A.E. F. (Also see Veterans section of History)


Lemmons Jesse C

 Photo by Cristie Wright


 William A. Myers (died 1920) [Section D, Lot 19], who served during World War I in the Marines, 74th Company, 6th Regiment, has an unusual marker commemorating his patriotism. A three-foot high, six-inch thick, smooth tablet style block of gray granite is mounted on a six-inch high base extending about two inches beyond the tablet on all sides. An American flag, mounted on a standard with finial, is carved in relief across the upper half of the tablet. The flag, complete with curves as though waving in the breeze, is attached to the standard by tasseled ropes. It includes light and dark bands for stripes as well as stars carved in the upper left corner field.


                                 Myers William A                                         Photo by Cristie Wright

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