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Although the majority of the historic markers and monuments contribute to the overall design character of the cemetery, the degree of aesthetic character varies among them. Several individual monuments, primarily sculpted figures, highlight the cemetery's artistic significance as well as the wealth and prominence of the deceased and their families.


Perhaps the foremost example is the Mercer "weeping woman" statue in Section I, Lot 80, shown below.


    Mercer 33    Mercer 5t

 Photos by Cristie Wright


This statue was possibly for James E. Mercer (died 1925), the chief executive officer of McCowat-Mercer Printing Company in Jackson. The figure's stooped, head-lowered position conveys despair and sorrow and the bouquet of flowers also signifies grief.  Local tradition holds that the statue is Carrara marble imported from Italy, a marker befitting a prominent, cultured businessman.


Mercer 1

Photo by Cristie Wright

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